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MyWealth Method COURSES

diy networking success

Your success in networking is directly correlated with your ability to nurture high quality, high trust relationships. The best news? These are skills that can be learned by anyone who wants to master them. In this course, you’ll learn a proven path for creating mutually beneficial relationships with any person you meet, allow you to leverage behavior to produce extraordinary business and financial success. And you’ll have great fun with each new networking journey! Become a great leader and influencer in your networking circles through DIY Networking Success.

mywealth mini mba

The person who earns a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree has a business edge. It’s not because of the degree, but because of the broad learning behind the degree. And now, through the MyWealth Mini MBA online course, you can get the most valuable parts of an MBA education for a fraction of the time and money you’d invest in a full MBA. Accounting … ethics … marketing … negotiating … strategic planning … it’s all here. In just one year, working three hours per week, you can empower your business and your career by earning a Mini MBA.

MyWealth Method programs

TRILLIONaire mindset academy (tma)

Do you have what it takes – mentally – to manage a personal fortune of over $1,000,000,000,000? Now, you may never have a trillion dollars, but since you’re working with MyWealth Method to increase your wealth, you must also work to increase your mind’s ability to handle the wealth. TMA will expand your thinking, train your brain, and stretch your paradigms, just a little bit each week. Because we don’t want you to be like a lottery winner who has no idea how to manage his windfall. We want you to be prepared – mentally – for the financial change that’s coming your way.

networking success MASTERMIND

Have you ever met someone who participated in a well-run MasterMind group … and regretted it? Not likely. Because MasterMind groups leverage the life and business experiences of their members, and the inevitable result is a burst of creative problem-solving, personal development, and accelerated success for each participant. This 6-week program is designed for MyWealth members who could use the blast of a rocket engine behind their networking energy, motivation, and commitment. Learn how to drive your business forward as an effective Network Marketing Professional.

MyWealth Method coaching

networking success professional COACHING 

All network marketers encounter obstacles. None of those obstacles are new. They’ve all been seen, and they’ve all been overcome. In this 6-week group coaching experience, you’ll learn the most effective ways to identify and bulldoze whatever obstacles are blocking you from becoming an exceptional network marketer. Each coaching session is training, conditioning, and mentoring packaged together in a way that develops your accountability, skills, and ability to push through self-imposed limitations. You will form new habits that will propel your life forward in a very positive way.


If your business has plateaued and you can’t seem to push into the next rank, this coaching group is designed specifically for you. In this potent Elite Coaching program, you’ll get high-level coaching that will lead you to become an influencer and take your business to the next level. You’ll learn effective strategies to connect, collaborate, invigorate, and motivate your team through tactics like reprogramming your goals, duplication, influence, and relationships. Get your team unstuck and moving into productive action fast.

income builder COACHING 

Many MyWealth Method members find themselves excited and hopeful about their financial journey, but they can’t break out of the Struggle stage as fast as they want to. We noticed this pattern early on and we shared in our members’ frustration until … we found a solution. If you are stuck in the Stage 1 Financial Struggle, our Income Builder Coaching will give you the precise support you need to achieve Stage 2 Financial Stability and be well on your way to Stage 3 Financial Independence. If ever there was a short-cut, this is it.

asset creator COACHING 

If you’ve reached Financial Independence in your financial journey, and if you believe there’s still more financial growth for you and your family, we’ve got another short-cut for you. Our Asset Creator Coaching gives you access to our premium financial projects AND our Global Real Estate Intensive AND 1-on-1 coaching to help you succeed with these innovative wealth creators. This is your journey’s fastest path to Stage 4 Financial Freedom and will have you sailing toward Stage 5 Financial Legacy – the culmination of your hard work and dedication.

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