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MyWealth Journey overview

At this live two-hour event, you’ll see how our system can transform the life of any man or woman who has the determination to walk away from chronic financial frustration. We’ll show you how to embark on a successful Wealth Creation Journey, using multiple income-generating asset classes to build a rock-solid foundation and proven path to Financial Freedom in 3 to 5 years. MyWealth Journey Overview Events are held weekly online and around South Africa, exclusively for free and paid-up members.

MyWealth cash flow overview

Our two-hour Cash Flow Overview introduces entrepreneurs to an income opportunity made possible by the Big Data industry, which has created a steady second income for tens of thousands of people all over the world. You’ll learn how you can easily earn an extra $200 every month, and by helping other people do the same, you can raise it to $500 or $2,000, and even more. MyWealth Cash Flow Overview Events are held weekly online and around South Africa, exclusively for free and paid-up members.


You can make great profits by diversifying into international investments … if you know the right way to participate. Join us for this two-hour investor overview where you’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes in setting up international investments. We’ll show you how to create tax-efficient structures with long-term, sustainable investments through various investment vehicles. MyWealth Investor Overview Events are held weekly online and around South Africa, exclusively for free and paid-up members.


Financially speaking, most people are ill-equipped for their retirement years. In fact, they’re barely surviving their best working years because the education system failed to convey basic knowledge and strategies around cash flow, passive income, compounding, diversification, leverage, and wealth preservation.

This hands-on one-day conference features a world-renowned speaker who helps you adjust your mindset so you can see clearly how to set and reach goals that make sense for you. You’ll also add advanced insights and strategies to your financial education so you and your family can create and sustain Financial Independence for decades to come. Conferences are held three times per year around South Africa, exclusively for free and paid-up members.

Core Workshops

Learn about the MyWealth Method projects that are key to creating and preserving your wealth during your successful Wealth Creation Journey. These projects accelerate your journey and establish your portfolio across multiple asset classes so you are protected against the collapse of individual markets.

In these step-by-step one-day workshops, you’ll learn the details of setting up our carefully vetted cash flow and wealth protection projects. You’ll gain confidence, hope, and forward momentum as you see how easily you can steadily increase your monthly passive income, and how quickly you can achieve Financial Independence. It's simply a matter of following the formula. Workshops are held every other month around South Africa, exclusively for paid-up members.

"Success is NOT a Secret ...
it's the Consistent Application of the Formula!"

Charl Coetzee, Founder of MyWealth Method

The MyWealth Summit

Our advanced three-day weekend Mastery Summit is for MyWealth Method members who have acquired a well-rounded financial education, internalized a true-north mindset toward wealth creation, established one or more passive income streams, and built a solid foundation for their family’s financial independence. Your learning should never end, and this is where you’ll keep informed, trained, and coached on the most current developments at MyWealth Method.

The world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs typically belong to an elite, restricted club like MyWealth Method. But membership alone doesn’t guarantee success. We believe any person, armed with integrity, passion, and purpose, can reach the highest levels of wealth creation and preservation. Our Mastery Summit is the time and place to learn from industry experts who will share their secrets of enduring wealth creation so you can reach and exceed Financial Freedom. Mastery Summits are held three times a year around South Africa, exclusively for paid-up members.

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