Helping YOU Achieve and Sustain
Financial Freedom is Why We Exist

Like many other organizations, MyWealth Method provides excellent strategies that can help you achieve your most ambitious financial goals.

But unlike other organizations, we also provide proven cash flow tools and training you can use – starting today – to stop dreaming about those goals, but actually reach them … typically in only 3 to 5 years.

We are constantly scanning the financial landscape for projects and programs that meet our rigid requirements for capital preservation and growth, generous passive income, and long-term stability.

When we find a project that fits with our overall strategy, we pit it against any existing projects in that asset class, because we offer only the best projects in each asset class to our members.

If the project proves to be the best performing vehicle in its asset class, we:

  • Make sure it is ring-fenced so unanticipated losses are limited to only that project
  • Train our coaches on its strategy and tactics
  • Add it to the MyWealth Method portfolio
  • Roll it out to our members, accompanied by an explanation of its purpose and recommendations for taking full advantage of it.

MyWealth Method financial projects are carefully selected and thoroughly vetted to ensure they satisfy our three building blocks for helping our investors:


Become debt-free





Building Block #1: Become Debt-Free.

This is first because debt is the biggest barrier to wealth creation. Debt is the destroyer of wealth. Debt and financial freedom are like east and west – they never meet. Where there is debt, there cannot be wealth.

Now, we don’t require members to be debt-free when they join us. But we do want members to develop an allergy to debt and work to eliminate it in their lives.

Building Block #2: Generate passive income equal to your current active income.

This idea is a shock for some people because it’s so foreign to the common thinking. But we know it’s the best thinking, and must precede the attainment of this goal.

This Building Block is achieved through new thinking that reveals the need for different investment vehicles to reach this goal.

Building Block #3: Establish a foundation for multiplying your passive income another 10 times.

Again, a foreign idea at first, but one that takes root and generates the excitement and momentum to achieve it. While the second Building Block focuses on the vehicle for delivering passive income, this third Building Block speaks to the skill set and subtle mindset adjustments required to achieve it.

The MYWEALTH METHOD executive Team


Founder and Managing Director

Charl’s grew up in a wealthy family, but his father didn’t drop any of that wealth into Charl’s hands. Instead, he gave Charl a greater gift by teaching him the strategies and techniques he’d need to create his own wealth. These were not always easy lessons, but they were always valuable, and through them Charl learned to become an entrepreneur who knows how to create wealth.

After Charl studied engineering for 5 years, he combined his knowledge of finances with his engineer’s brain in pursuit of a reliable system for generating and maintaining wealth in the 21st Century.

After the global crash of 2008, Charl made an enormous impact actively competing in the real estate and financial domain. He was personally involved in assisting and investing in the residential and commercial property arenas involving transactions for over 200 properties.

In 2012, Charl began his relentless search for global opportunities that the average person can implement for massive profits. It was that type of persistent digging and exploration that led to the founding of MyWealth Method in 2014.

In 2017, after years of some successes and many failures, Charl knew he’d found the basis for creating a sustainable wealth machine. He brought his ideas to a small group of investors, who then spent a great deal of time and money in pursuit of the ideal system of income-generating assets. The result is a systematic formula that can grow a person’s income exponentially through low-risk, high-yielding vehicles over a period of 3 to 5 years.

One notable observation of Charl is that he jealously guards MyWealth Method members on their wealth journeys toward financial independence and beyond. He continues to find ways to leverage other people's skills, money, and time, to compound returns so members experience exponential growth.

But perhaps Charl’s most striking quality is his sincere desire to help people raise themselves from lower- and middle-class thinking and behavior and into the mindset of the wealthy. Because Charl knows NOBODY is fated to remain in their current financial situation. As he often says …

“You must get your entire philosophy and thoughts about finances straight. You cannot live above what you think and see.”

Charl has a keen understanding of the interdependent nature of money, economies, business opportunities, real estate, and wealth. His knowledge and experience run deep, and he has a gift for explaining complicated truths in simple words. More importantly, his knowledge is not mere theory or “book knowledge.” It is real-world wisdom backed by practical experience.

Best of all? He’s determined to share his knowledge with anyone who wants to join him in experiencing true wealth.

Charl married his best friend Lize in 2007, and they are now the busy parents of two young children.


Senior Business Strategist and Director

Schalk is a gifted communicator who demonstrated strong leadership skills at a young age. His native talents helped him earn a Bcom degree in General Management.

By applying thoughtful research and unconventional thinking, Schalk created multiple streams of income throughout his career by adding value-added services from core business models, and by diversifying into other unrelated markets.

Then, by developing teams and harnessing other peoples’ strengths and passion, he accomplished business turnarounds and growth in profits.

Schalk is a passionate person. He’s passionate about unleashing people's potential to get results for all stakeholders involved. And he’s passionate about seeing this generation discipled in Kingdom living as a viable alternative to the world systems that are failing.

Today, Schalk strives to implement “heavenly blueprints” by mobilizing specialized teams to penetrate the seven mountains of the global society. His tactics include coaching and establishing leaders on their journeys to destiny.

Schalk’s aim is to solve bigger and bigger problems and in the process, to realize bigger and bigger growth on all levels he touches.

Two of his phrases to live by:

“Growth is not negotiable.”

“Passion a way of life.”

Schalk and his wife Lindy have 4 children, and Schalk is training them in the way they should go with regard to finances, investing, and true wealth.

MyWealth Method Values

Before MyWealth Method was any sort of a business, it was a collection of well-defined ideals that would determine the type of business it would become. This was NOT going to be a business driven by the bottom line of money-money-money, but rather a member-centric enterprise focused on bringing as many people as possible on an exciting and successful wealth journey.

Here are the six fundamental principles undergirding the MyWealth brand. They influence our interactions with members and business partners, while also governing our business practices.


MyWealth holds up every member in high regard, showing authentic respect toward one another and promoting great esteem in all downlines.

MyWealth strives to be a cut-above-the-rest, practicing the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right. The way we work with each other will publicly prove that we honor one another.


MyWealth holds innovation in high regard, as demonstrated by our unceasing quest for more efficient and effective ideas, methods, and products.

We do not innovate to receive public recognition and accolades. Rather, we innovate so we can provide our members with extraordinary returns, and so our members can live the abundant life.


MyWealth breathes integrity. As breathing is essential to the life of a person, integrity is essential to the life of MyWealth.

MyWealth acts with utmost integrity, honesty, ethics, and transparency in all our relationships and business practices to ensure a state of being whole and undivided. We are guided by, and stand firmly on, Godly moral principles.


MyWealth embraces a culture of actively helping others and serving each other in love.

If we provide our members with 500% annual returns, but do not serve in love, we are nothing.

We innovative with strategies, educational opportunities, and financial products that serve our members in the most meaningful, eternally significant ways.


MyWealth endeavors to provide the framework for the optimal investor solution for two reasons.

First, to set our members free from feeling imprisoned or enslaved by their financial knowledge and financial circumstances.

And second, to develop the state of feeling free to act and speak with confidence in the realm of financial independence.


MyWealth takes pride in helping our members live a life of purpose.

We have observed many people who are trapped in a life they did not choose, but they cannot escape it because they lack the financial means to do so.

We help people imagine, and then experience, using their unique gifts, talents, and passion to live the life they were meant to live.

Thank you for responding to your invitation and checking us out. That’s an important first step.

Now take a second step that leads away from financial frustration and toward Financial Freedom.

Note: MyWealth Method is a By-Invitation-Only Private Club and is not open to the public.
If you have not received an Invite Code from a friend, family member, or business associate, please complete your Application Request here to learn if you qualify for membership.