Before we work together, we want you to hear what our clients say so that you know what kind of results you can count on.

Don’t just take our word…

Mmakhutso Maja


“Exhale debt and inhale cash flow oxygen”

I was like a headless chicken, trying everything and anything under the sun, and that caused me to lose a hefty amount of savings. I felt like a failure and I wanted to give up. However, after using MyWealth strategies, I realize that though the passion was there I was going about it the wrong way.

We can never have enough knowledge & "MyWealth" as the name says was an educational tool for me to learn to create my own wealth. It's the best financial education. I have learned to work with what I have, and with proceeds from one project have built other lucrative projects.

A wise man said "Cash is King but Cash flow is Oxygen." My biggest win from MyWealth is to exhale debt and inhale cash flow oxygen. They taught me how to create cash flow in multiple projects and to ring fence my investments.

Thank you MyWealth, your teachings are phenomenal. Let me put the shades on because my financial future is super bright (pun intended).

Michelle Van Blerk

Travel Consultant

“The possibilities are endless”

I joined MyWealth originally in the search for a better way. I was desperate to find a way to provide my family's future financial success. I felt stuck in rut and very frustrated. The dreadful feeling of going backwards instead of forward. Not knowing what to do but knowing something has to be done, as I could not carry on doing the same thing expecting a different result.

I have learnt so much over the last couple years. MyWealth has opened up ways and mindsets that I did not even know were possible or lacking. You simply don't know what you don't know. They give so much more than just financial guidance. It is a family of like-minded people wanting a better future financially, spiritually, and physically. MyWealth has a holistic view of what one needs to have purpose and a future. They have shown the possibilities are endless. They truly strive to make every person they meet feel valued and important. They want a better future for all together.

The future is looking very bright and blessed. I have a plan, a formula. MyWealth has been an extremely influential, helpful partner in building a much better financial future for me and my family. They have shown us so many ways of building a legacy, and not only showing but walking hand-in-hand in partnership with me.

I have gained a new way of thinking. I am an investor, a small business owner, a mentor, and I am growing in my Spiritual gifts. MyWealth is Christ-centered and not ashamed of it. Their Events are life-changing in every way. It truly is a journey and one I am eternally grateful for being on. My family is growing into a better, stronger, financially-free future with blessing beyond measure.

It is an absolute pleasure to be part of a movement like MyWealth. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and it has been mind-blowing to watch others grow along with me as we journey together. I cannot thank you enough.

Khanya Ngonyama

“Their main aim is improving people’s lives”

I was feeling frustrated and disempowered about my financial future and achieving my dreams, mostly because I was not achieving the level of success and financial freedom that I thought I would have by this stage of my life. I got involved with the group to learn more about how I could fast-track my journey to financial success.

From a previous free seminar I attended, I saw that the group’s formula was a good way to (1) get multiple streams of income in a short space of time, (2) increase my network while increasing my net-worth, and (3) continuously grow as a man by learning from successful mentors. Since joining, I have learnt that there is a way to achieve financial success without putting down lots of money, contrary to what I used to think about wealth creation, and contrary to the conventional ways society has taught us.

I am now feeling highly motivated and empowered in my ability to achieve financial success, as I’ve been handed a number of tools and options to do so. This is an opportunity to get involved in something that will change the face of personal finance in South Africa as this group is at the forefront of the crypto currency sector in SA with the country’s leading wealth creation experts being part of the group. I mean, why would one not want to be part of a group that has the country’s best teachers in crypto currencies, the best teachers in buy-to-let property investment for ordinary South Africans, and the country’s best coaches in personal success.

You can get involved while also making a positive difference in other people’s lives. The group gives great value for money as it was clear their main aim is improving people’s lives.

Wihan & Norma Coetser

Operations Manager - Civil Construction and Part Time Snail Farmer

“…real financial growth”

We joined MyWealth to learn how to become financially stable and independent based on Gods principles. We never really knew how the financial world worked and what fantastic opportunities are available for the "normal" person, because we were always led to believe that investments and financial freedom were only for the super rich. Now we feel a lot more comfortable and confident to invest our money, especially with the programs the MyWealth team introduced to us.

MyWealth has shown us how to make our money work for us, and shown us how to enjoy the things in life that matters most...Family. We have a sense of stability regarding real financial growth. We are looking at our financial situation in a much different way, and realize that there are actually a number of amazing opportunities to become financially free.

We tried a number of programs and ideas in the past but none of them measured up or produced the results and dedication of the MyWealth team and program. These are REAL PEOPLE that really care about every person joining MyWealth.

Dr. Michelle van Tonder

Network Marketing Professional

“Journey toward financial freedom”

I joined MyWealth, September 2019. I was looking for a place where I could learn to increase my asset portfolio.

One of the things I learned from MyWealth was that it was more important to grow the asset and not focus too much on its value. This was an eye opener for me. For example, if I had 1 BTC, it was more important for me to get to 2 BTC and not look at the Rand/Dollar value of it.

The profound statement: 'Cash is King but Cash Flow is oxygen' -- when you partner with MyWealth, you too will find this to be true. I highly recommend you get into a position where you can start following their MyWealth Method and journey toward financial freedom. This wise step will allow you to breathe easier at month end.

Thank you to the MyWealth Leadership!

Henno van Wyk

Entrepreneur and Investor

“You MUST have a RESONATING COACH alongside you to teach and guide you”

I felt like I was on a road to nowhere. I saw the current system we are in is broken, and I could not figure it out until MyWealth came along and I SAW THE LIGHT ... LIGHTBULB!! It all become so much clearer in my mind how the world operates within the current financial system, and it made sense why I wasn't getting ahead...No matter how hard I tried.

I knew that there was more in life than just living. I saw in MyWealth an opportunity to make much more global impact in peoples’ lives than just living. I see a much better and exciting future ahead and I am already much better positioned financially for the future than I would have been if I was still employed.

MyWealth enabled me to make much better informed decisions and definitely sleep better at night. I love the association with like-minded people at seminars, as well as the caliber and integrity of the companies we are affiliated with. I have a sense of belonging to a like-minded family that is working towards a common goal of HELPING thousands of families to have Financial Freedom so they can have Quality Family Time Together.

I'm so thankful to the founder of MyWealth for what he has done in my life as a coach and a mentor. Your dedication and passion to help me make good sound decisions is starting to pay off BIG TIME and I will always be grateful for that. It just goes to show, you MUST have a RESONATING COACH alongside you to teach and guide you in dark times for better or worse. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it does not matter how far it seems. Just keep pushing forward and you will reach it in no time.

Corne Goosen

Personal Fitness Trainer

“For investors as well as network builders”

Before I joined MyWealth, I felt that it was difficult to find projects that are trustworthy, as there are many people out there that set up scams to steal money and it is easy to be misled by them. I wanted to work with like-minded people who have an investment mindset, and to invest in assets and projects that are not always seen as normal, but that have the ability to impact our financial future through working a plan patiently. That's why I joined.

MyWealth makes a great effort to test projects and assist with a strategy for investors as well as network builders. They provide continued support and personal assistance, as well as solid opportunities that cater to different types of people and goals. I feel that I have steps I can follow to make a difference in my finances through MyWealth projects, and it gives hope for the future as I am able to take small steps toward wealth.

MyWealth has opened up opportunities that will have a lifelong impact on my finances as they will definitely help build future wealth in structures that bring safety and sustainability.

Carol Lawrence


“I am firmly on track to meet my goals”

I felt insecure and uncertain of my financial future due to job security and the failing world financial economy and knew I needed a definite plan to secure my future. I hoped MyWealth could give me a decisive plan to follow to become financially independent in a relatively short time period and finally to have financial freedom. I was looking for a definite plan that would give me the time freedom and financial peace of mind that I had been searching for.

I now have a definite plan by following the MyWealth Journey and their invaluable knowledge, support, guidance, and solid structure. I've learned that knowledge is power and cash flow is oxygen. Every day I see the progress I’m making to secure my financial future. I now feel confident and secure in the knowledge that I am firmly on track to meet my goals.

MyWealth is changing the way I think about business finances and life. It has opened me up to so many opportunities.

Ian Hawthorne

Mechanical Engineer and CEO

“I was skeptical in the beginning…”

The reason I joined MyWealth was due to their brand awareness, their detailed statistics and data, and how they create valuable partnerships to scale the business, which includes the opportunity to invest in safe, sustainable, offshore financial products.

I was skeptical in the beginning as I was not part of the organization, but as I’m getting more involved I see the results and the effort the founder puts into the business. He is to be commended.

I have always been a visionary, a person who predicts their future and then creates it. One thing MyWealth taught me was to maintain cash flow and not tie up all your investments in low income-generating assets. I always went for the opportunities, where my capital is tied up long-term. “Wrong Move,” yes. Long term is a good investment but make sure you have cash flow. One quote I will never forget “Cash is king, Cash flow is oxygen.”

MyWealth has not only helped me, but inspired me a lot. One thing that impressed me is their control of incentives, leveraging different skill sets with great returns on investments. My biggest win is being focused on the end result no matter your current situation. The other is knowing MyWealth has a vision for the future. My financial future looks so amazing, thanks to MyWealth.

Reinardt van Zyl

Field Engineer

“I have tested the systems and I saw it working”

I felt down because I did not have any training in financial info could not get anything working for me. All my parents could say is open savings accounts and save your money in there. That part only helped to stay in the same place. I wanted to build a better financial life for my family and friends and help people in my community.

After joining MyWealth, I learned to look differently at money and they helped me know where to invest. This is not a place that takes your money. You are in charge of your investments. MyWealth shows you how and where to invest, and you can follow their advice or not. My support people always have time and are willing to advise me on what to do when I have questions. I feel a lot more relaxed now because I have tested the systems and I saw it working.

I am very privilege and humbled to know someone who shared this opportunity with me.

Paula Denysschen

Self Employed

“Our retirement years will be taken care of financially”

Before joining MyWealth I had experienced lots of disappointment with other platforms and had been scammed with a few. I was searching for a legitimate organization to help and guide me with my investments to become financially independent. I liked the vision and integrity of MyWealth.

I have been able to create more income streams which help me to boost my investments which will ultimately give the financial freedom I desire. My biggest win is the mindset training around wealth creation and having access to the knowledge and experiences of those who have walked this road before me. I feel that my interests are really looked after and they make sure the companies they work with are legit and have high integrity. I am very confident about my financial future and know I am in good hands with people I can trust.

I am very proud to be part of MyWealth and can recommend their services to anyone. My life has changed for the better and I know that our retirement years will be taken care of financially.

Rocky Wright

Franchise Owner

"Numerous other methods to develop a passive income all failed"

I have been struggling for some time to juggle income with the cost of running my businesses and always believed a solution would pop in my life at some stage. I have tried numerous other methods to develop a passive income, but they all failed. Now I am confident that I will achieve my goal of becoming financially independent and debt-free within a reasonable period of time. This period will be decreased relative to the time I can dedicate to this new passive income business I have locked myself into.

MyWealth has introduced me to a reliable solid method of creating wealth for myself, and afforded me the opportunity to pay this forward to others who are financially stressed and are looking to create other avenues of income. The whole concept and system of investing over several tested and secure platforms is reassuring to all us members because it's not focused in one domain / investment company only.

Before becoming involved with MyWealth, I was scared of the concept of Bitcoin mainly due to my lack of knowledge, but now I understand it thanks to the learning gained from MyWealth. The other BIG WIN for me was the critical opening of my eyes to money versus investments and all the elements surrounding the management and control of money / finance that we are not taught in any formal education system, including university.

The absolute honest dedication and support of the management to their teams with their genuine concern and commitment to grow their team's individual wealth - guiding and advising them to ensure we all grow our cash flow and wealth over time - growing with us and not simply show, tell, and leave us to our own devices. This is FANTASTIC for anyone joining our company - knowing they will be cared for and nurtured.

I am blessed to be part of this amazing bunch of professional folk who could well share the concept and move on. Each leader displays the same energy and care for each team member - great diligence and patience to ensure we all get to know the system so that we can gift it on to others who are desperate now in these times.

Big respect and appreciation - THANK YOU

Ruan van Tonder

HR Officer

“MyWealth is always willing to assist you”

I joined MyWealth to learn on how to become debt free, to find investments that can change my life, and to generate generational wealth. MyWealth is always willing to assist you, and they introduce you to global investments in order for you to become financial free and generate wealth for yourself and the people around you. As a result, I have more clarity on what I need to work on in order to reach my goals, and how to get money working for me and not me for money.

MyWealth helped me by assisting me to become debt free and start to invest in global investments, which is a life changer as I will have more free time for myself and others. The investment returns are more than what the banks are currently giving per year, and MyWealth is always willing to search for investments that can help you change your future by making the right decisions.

I have learned that there are global investments out in the world that can give you high returns and turn your life around by giving you time to do stuff and to be financially free faster. My knowledge also grew on structures that can be used to help you be more compliant with laws, but still gain more out of investing.

Thank you MyWealth. Keep up with the good work.

Mavis Smit


“My income is not reliant on my time”

I needed to change my mindset about money, wealth, investments, etc. I was frustrated because although I knew I wanted to get out of debt and have my money working for me, I didn’t know where to start and how to plan. MyWealth directed me to credible investments, doing the leg work and providing strategy that I can use to make informed investment decisions.

MyWealth taught me to take responsibility for my assets not just leave them, but manage them. When I did get some capital by selling my house and cashing in RAs, I knew not to waste it by paying off debt. Instead, I used diversified investments to generate cash and pay off debt but retain capital. I'm excited because I can see myself having time to do what I want to because my income is not reliant on my time.

At MyWealth, I found personal interest and continued support even when I didn’t have funds. They’re interested in long term relationship not quick bucks.


Yvette Breedt

Travel Consultant

“My mindset changed from a poverty mindset to one of abundance!”

My primary reason for joining MyWealth was that I wanted to start with investments in order to grow my pension. I felt lost and frustrated because I did not know where to start, and there is so much information on Google but not all is reliable.

MyWealth assisted me from the beginning by providing eye-opening training sessions, which includes mindset coaching and strategies, as well as many different platforms in which I can invest. My mindset changed from a poverty mindset to one of abundance! I easily started my investment journey using the tools MyWealth provided. I'm now very excited about my financial future and am on my journey to becoming financially independent.

I'm extremely grateful to MyWealth for providing me with excellent tools, strategies and high quality training so that I can not only become financially independent, but also grow as a person and make an impact on my community around me. They are a company based on Godly principles and who truly care about the success of their members.

Arnold Jensen

Project Manager

“I have found the ultimate business”

I was looking for opportunities on the internet to make a sustainable side income, but all I found were scams. I lost a lot of money and that frustrated me. Then I found this group. They had projects that made a sustainable income without taking up a lot of my time, and I could do it on the side.

So I got involved with them.

This is where I found a formula that worked. I was able to make passive income with these projects, working once and getting paid over and over again. Then I’d transfer that money to other projects, and in that way maximise my profits. All the projects are ringfenced and therefore my risk is diversified, meaning I won’t lose all my income if one project fails. Each platform is stable, so I don’t lose sleep at night wondering if the companies we are involved in will still be there tomorrow. They are companies with sound business principals and sound visions for the future.

I trust them.

With this group, I was personally mentored by the various specialists in their fields, thus having the best teachers who love to share their knowledge. After a while, I had the opportunity to become a coach, and in that way I’m living my passion to teach people to change their lives and their financial futures.

I have found the ultimate business.

Jozua Roos

Fiber Network Asset Manager

“I can change my lifestyle to support my community”

I joined MyWealth to learn and change my mindset regarding my financial future. I did not have the knowledge and/or expertise to apply the financial strategies they provide.

MyWealth assisted me greatly with my own mindset change. They provide financial strategies to implement on projects that change my financial future to become debt free and create a passive income equal to my active income. This means I can change my lifestyle to support my community by providing business solutions to the community, which can better the community's lifestyle as well.

MyWealth has provided training and support with events. I now have the knowledge and expertise to assist myself and others with strategies to implement on current and future projects. It has broadened my knowledge and expertise to attend to and adjust my financial future. I have met new people who have the same mindset and goals as I have, to change their financial future. Some of them are great friends of mine.

MyWealth provides financial strategies with multiple projects so that I can diversify my financial risk investing in multiple projects. This prevents me from losing my capital when the markets are down or in turmoil.

Louise Olivier

Radiographer and Professional Network Marketer

“… a HUGE mindset change”

After looking for proper investment opportunities for many years and losing money on so many scams ... I had no proper strategies in place. I was totally demotivated. That all changed instantly after I joined MyWealth. From an investment point of view, they always have the optimal investment solution that changes all aspects of your life, including business and how you do business. I've experienced a HUGE mindset change about how to invest money and how to make your money work for you!!

With MyWealth, I found support and ongoing training to create new leaders. They have new potential investments and tested investments to lower the risk of members joining and losing money.

I wanted to surround myself with financially educated people and to learn from them, and now my financial future looks BRIGHT and sparkly and I feel satisfied with what I achieved in such a short period of time. The most important thing I learn through My Wealth is on Spiritual level. Getting to know what my own purpose in life is and living that to the full.

Management are all phenomenal, God fearing, and loving people with a true purpose in life. Always willing to assist and available to answer questions and always ready with the optimal investor solution. May God Bless MyWealth and all in it!!

Annamarie Roodt


“I am helping to build a better world for my kids”

Before finding MyWealth, I was frustrated as there was not a program in the market where you could start investing with a small amount of money. I wanted to start getting financial freedom, to live my dream that God gave me.

I have started my own network. My first money that I received was over the moon.

MyWealth leaders are committed to my personal, emotional, and financial growth. Today I have a sense of relief and I feel like I am in charge of my life. I have the satisfaction of starting to see my wealth grow as God intended, and I am helping to build a better world for my kids.

Danny Aphane

Aircraft Technical Manager

“I was in the dark”

Before I joined MyWealth, I was in the dark. I heard about similar projects offered by other companies, but I was afraid of losing money. I joined MyWealth to begin my journey to financial freedom, and I've found trust, openness, support, and the opportunity to have direct contact and engagements with all the investment companies they are involved with.

My investments are now starting to produce fruits. I know I’m on the right track. I will be retiring in the next 3 years and even if I lose my job now, I’m not worried as I know I will survive thanks to the strategies and projects MyWealth has introduced me to. My financial future is now looking bright.

I am looking forward to a great future with MyWealth, and not only for myself or family, but for my great grandchildren and the community at large.

Brenda Sapire


“I have created passive income that covers my monthly expenses”

I joined MyWealth to become wealthy. I felt as though I was in the rat race, and there was no way to escape. Now I feel positive and very optimistic because MyWealth Method has helped me change my mindset around money and kingdom principles. I have created passive income that covers my monthly expenses, and I have learnt not to be afraid to make mistakes but rather to spend time every day on self-development.

I have found a group of people that combine kingdom principles and wealth, and I haven't found that anywhere else. I am so grateful to be part of the MyWealth group of investors and to be a part of the ultimate investment journey.

Sannie Oosthuizen

Educational Trainer

“For the first time in my life I, know where to find legit investment opportunities”

Before I joined MyWealth, I felt lost, and most of the times scammed. I wanted to get good wealth training, so I joined. Now I am so very excited!!!

For the first time in my life I, know where to find legit investment opportunities and how to invest in a clever way. No more scams, and I'm on my way to freedom because I have a recipe for success!

The people steering this ship know what they're doing, and they are not afraid to tell the whole world Whom the glory belongs to.

Jonathan Daniels

“I found real and safe opportunities for generating passive income”

I was looking for passive income streams to help me reach financial freedom. When I came across this group, I was a little sceptical and unsure, to be honest. What they were teaching was completely new to me, but I was nonetheless curious to find out if and how it actually works.

After I got involved, I experienced a drastic mind shift on the topic of money and wealth. I learned about cryptocurrencies (the good and the bad), gold, trading, and money in general. I learned principles and a brilliant formula to get out of debt and reach financial freedom ... and abundance. I found real and safe opportunities for generating passive income. For me, this was a path to financial freedom, which in turn gives me back my time and the ability to take control of my own life. I’m working with great people who are actually really interested in helping me - real servant leaders. I feel extremely excited and privileged to have come across this great team and this very unique and brilliant formula.

The coaching is great. I get updates on the latest developments and other investment opportunities in this rapidly growing industry. I almost always have nearly instant access to someone who can help clarify my queries and concerns as I continue to walk this new and exciting journey.

Someone asked me what I would tell someone who is thinking about joining this group. I would say – “I understand that you may have doubts. However, if you are serious about partnering with people you can trust to help you drastically improve your financial position through safe passive income streams, then you don't have to look any further. Take action now and get involved with this group.

You won’t regret it.”

Paula Grundling

MRi Specialist: Diagnostic Radiography

“So much positive energy and commitment to their members”

I realized that there is so much more to learn about finances, structures and implementing future plans, so I joined MyWealth. It has changed my life for the better, being able to be introduced and exposed to so many opportunities. For myself it has also become a spiritual growth journey!

MyWealth creates and supports so much positive energy and commitment to their members. I'm definitely feeling more secure now.

Two things I haven't found anywhere else: Excellent financial advice, and building a Kingdom on Godly principals. I want to thank MW for opening possibilities for me that I would never would have been able to experience for myself if not introduced to it by the right leaders.

Louis Grundling


“… learning at an early age, 16”

My parents are part of MyWealth, but I had no idea how to build a financial structure. I am a young scholar and due to watching the training with my parents and putting my capital (pocket money) into 2 of the platforms so far I have made some extra cash without touching my capital. I am learning at an early age, 16, to keep capital separate from spending money. I am happy to learn about different trading platforms and trading this way, and I feel my little capital I have put in will be growing well.

Eugene Smit

Online Investment Coach

“I'm a lot more secure about our financial future”

We had no hope of succeeding on our own. We could not go forward with the ROI we received on our investments in traditional platforms and did not have a tool to help other people going forward. MyWealth gave me a strategy for Wealth Creation and I haven't found that anywhere else. They give Freedom for the individual to choose which Platforms to Invest in, which suit their circumstances. That's vital for the success of MyWealth.

My big wins from MyWealth are the financial education, meeting like-minded people, and being part of a team. I am learning how to become financially independent through MyWealth Strategies, and I'm a lot more secure about our financial future and now have the strategy to help other people also become financially independent. We have already managed to "FREE" one of our salary earners in our household and on our way to free all.

Marianda Wickham

Personal Assistant

“I have actually started to earn a passive income”

Before I joined MyWealth, I felt very disappointed and discouraged, like I was unable to change my circumstances. I joined because I wanted to learn about investing and growing my income. I love attending their training! I have learned so many valuable lessons from them. It has changed the way I think about money and wealth. I now have some methods to grow My Wealth (pun intended ☺️), and I have actually started to earn a passive income. 👏🏻

MyWealth is giving me plain and simple "How to" strategies that are possible to do. I know there is HOPE and a FUTURE. I know it is a journey, but I am busy on that journey - growing with every step.

Christian De Villiers

Ex Technical Manager

“Hope, inspiration, and a drive to succeed”

When my company sold ownership to the main supplier, I felt my job was at risk. Being a father of 3, husband, and provider, I took it upon myself to investigate options and to protect the most important people in my life. On my Journey through great people, along the way I came across MyWealth who educated me through the MyWealth Method classes and have given me hope, inspiration, and a drive to succeed.

In the conventional system, it was draining and non motivational. I was always tired and did not have the time to spend with my family. When the month started to run out by the 15th, I was getting anxious due to the funds drying up, which was very concerning.

Through the mind blowing information mentoring and sacrifices, and the time and energy given to educate me, I am unable to sleep at night. I'm building my Legacy through helping members see and experience the same energy and excitement I have. I am able to set up for myself and other members the projects available to protect our wealth and legacy.

I've learned about back up strategy and diversification, and have worked with more than one project, allowing me to have massive teams. With little knowledge on investment strategy and Business, MyWealth is giving an average person the amazing opportunity to become a professional and have the ability to speak with confidence. This will be an ongoing journey for me.

Motladile Kolwane


“I can see the light ahead now”

I joined MyWealth to create wealth for my grandchildren and to have financial freedom. I have always felt in my heart that MyWealth is going to take me from where I am to somewhere in life. I am not there yet, but I can see the light ahead now.

MyWealth has helped me to believe in investing and diversifying. I have experienced that hard work pays.

MyWealth leaders always look for something that can be safe and genuinely guaranteed for everyone. I have trusted the founder from the beginning when I met him and believe God is using him mightily.

Gugu Mkhize

“Everybody has a chance to rewrite their financial story”

Before getting involved with the group, I felt discouraged, despondent, poor, helpless, and desperate when it came to financial matters. I felt that way because the money I was earning each month was never sufficient to cover all my needs. Also, I thought money was for certain individuals. I never thought that with the right mindset and education, everybody has a chance to rewrite their financial story.

I joined the group because some of its people have achieved financial freedom. I wanted to learn from them how I could travel the road they travelled. I wanted to be trained in income and wealth strategies. The team’s credibility and impeccable record over time also drew me in. With the implementation of their strategies, the risk of losing capital is minimized.

I’m getting proper investing guidance from the personal coaching. The coach is accessible when needed, and it’s helpful having someone that will hold you accountable to your plan and goals.

Today, I am confident and optimistic about my future. I firmly believe that I will be financially free in the next five years. This means that I won’t be working for money. Money will be working for me.

I definitely recommend that others get involved in this group, because you get to meet like-minded people from all walks of life. The personal stories shared by some of the group members resonate with each and every person. And you get a sense of belonging. As a human being you feel valued because there are people who are concerned about your financial freedom. In spite of the economic challenges, high unemployment rate, and poverty that is surrounding us, there are still opportunities out there to create employment and make money.

I believe in the commitment of the group’s founders to change the lives of the ordinary people. I urge people to have patience in building their financial future. People must not fear the future. They must look forward to it with great enthusiasm.

Riaan Myburgh

Sport Coach Kerif

“I found the solution I was searching for”

I joined MyWealth to become financially free because I felt financially lost and hopeless. How has MyWealth helped? Totally. Firstly, they give all glory to God. They went out of their way to assist me to invest my funds. I was so skeptical at first. So glad now that I took their advice.

MyWealth taught me the correct way to look at my finances. They also gave me true knowledge about Crypto. I trust them because they display commitment and true knowledge.

I am now positive and really at ease regarding my financial future. I found the solution I was searching for for so long. I will recommend My Wealth login to anyone.

Ulrich Johl

Managing Director

“Financially free within 2-3 years”

I joined MyWealth because conventional savings, pension funds and retirement annuities did not work for me. I am now 65 years old and nowhere near financially independent. All the annuities and pensions were not adequate for me to retire, especially if I wanted to maintain my previous living standards.

MyWealth taught me to invest my capital and spend some of the interest...capital is King! They brought high yield investment strategies to me to make my money work for me now that I am retired and no longer working for money. They also taught me that my money must work for me to secure my financial independence. Sadly NO traditional retirement funds do this. They use your money to make themselves rich!

Although the government has forced me to invest 2/3rds of my RA money in their pathetic living annuities with very little returns, with the help of MyWealth I have been able to invest the remaining 1/3rd in investments that will make me financially free within 2-3 years and able to maintain the same living standards that I have previously enjoyed!

It really sucks that we are forced to use traditional retirement funds that, after 47 years of working, did not make me financially free at all!

Derek Ward


“6% growth per month”

Before I joined MyWealth, I felt like I was unequipped and I did not know what opportunities were available. I want to learn how to be financially independent but I did not have the knowledge required to make informed decisions. My involvement with MyWealth has started to change all that. It will be a continuous development and learning experience.

Since I joined MyWealth, I've learned a lot about investments and the different strategies of how to invest. The different projects in MyWealth taught me a lot about diversification. I also found that the MyWealth leaders and coaches have been very open with their knowledge experience in order to educate their members.

Now I feel positive about my financial future because I know that the opportunities are there. I must just use them. One project consistently gave me a 6% growth per month. I also know that there is a support structure in place within MyWealth that is always willing to assist and advise where I get stuck.

I am very grateful for the different tools and financial wealth creation vehicles that I have been exposed to through the MyWealth platform. I am also very grateful for being involved with people who really do want to help and equip people on how to become financially independent.

Liz Hawkes

Retired Teacher, Full Time Network Builder and a Granny

“We will definitely be able to create generational wealth”

We joined MyWealth to meet like-minded, positive people, and to maximize our possible investment portfolio. Before, we were following a network system, but we did not really create the wealth which was promised, and we were just going along with the group. With MyWealth, if we follow all the guidelines and structures correctly, we will definitely be able to create generational wealth.

MyWealth has helped us change our business by putting structures and different investment opportunities in place. Now we can progress and learn as we grow our portfolio and our business skills. We are creating a basic cash flow business with the opportunity to grow it into a great income machine, because we're meeting like-minded, positive people who are willing to walk with us and guide us to a bright future.

We've observed Christian values and structures which guide us according to Kingdom Principles. We haven't found that anywhere else. MyWealth has amazing leadership and communication to keep us informed and confident all the time.

Gerhard vd Westhuizen

Design Engineer

“Let money work for me instead of me working for money”

I felt I was following the stream, the "same old same," working with money the way our parents and their parents did, and it just felt wrong. Almost like being stuck in a rut...

I wanted to change my mindset about money and learn more about investing, so I joined MyWealth. Now I am very positive. Having the right mindset can change your whole future. I am still working on my mindset but it has already changed a lot. For example, MyWealth taught me how to let money work for me instead of me working for money. How to see opportunities and make investment decisions.

MyWealth taught me a lot about finance and the basic principles thereof. They give me the opportunities and platforms to make informed investment decisions.

Salome Prigge

Professional Nurse

"Found Christian values in a financial world"

I joined MyWealth because finances are a problem, and it seemed like a real deal offered by a Christian group. I felt that I did the right thing to join, and no matter what I get out of it financially, I'm gaining by meeting fellow believers from all circles of life. The honesty in handling the process, not withholding shortcomings, and being honest about flaws and long processes is comforting.

I know that currently my financial future is not sustainable and know that in God's time it will be foreseen as we pray for all involved and trust in Him.

MyWealth supports Christian values and provides psychological support, knowing that many others are united in faith and that there is a bright future with or without fast money. I'm keeping my present position with positivity and have plans for a better future.

I've experienced trustworthiness and faith since joining MyWealth. One thing I've found at MyWealth that I haven't found anywhere else is Christian values in a financial world. The leaders are of great help and assistance, and as Christians, they're an asset to my wealth.

Maryka Zeelie

Sales Manager

“Finally, I can see my money growing”

I felt lost and thought that no one could help me until I joined the MyWealth team. They offer great opportunities and really know what to do. I'm building a strong team and have support. It's like belonging to a family. We are a team and we all work together. We do not work against each other, and we all support each other. Finally, I can see my money growing and not just sitting somewhere not doing much.

MyWealth is one of the best companies out there to invest with and join to be part of a team.

Juliane Birkenstock


“I can build a business here”

I joined MyWealth to earn an income on the sideline and empower others to do the same. Before joining, I found it very hard to earn an income without having to put in a full 8 hours of work a day. Now I feel better as I realize I can build a business here and earn on various levels. I've found professionalism and ongoing support at MyWealth, and they've helped me to pay off debts and earn an income. I'm expecting financial freedom in the near future, and look forward to helping others to do the same.

Shaun Olivier

Human Resources and Industrial Relations Practitioner

“I feel informed, empowered, and confident about financial matters"

The primary reason I joined MyWealth was for finding a better way to generate and maximize financial resources. Before joining, I felt discouraged and without answers. MyWealth told me the truth and explained how the worldly financial system actually works. I've also learned how to deal with taxes efficiently. Now I feel informed, empowered, and confident about financial matters.

One thing I found at MyWealth that I haven't found anywhere else is Kingdom financial solutions and principals. MyWealth has helped shape my spiritual and financial outlook on life and took me to the next level.

Wayne Hawkes

Business Owner

“I will be able to leverage and create wealth”

I joined MyWealth to diversify and create additional sources of income and a passive source of revenue. Previously, I was a little unsure of what products/projects to use and get involved with. With MyWealth, I am being exposed to new vehicles that are exciting and that can help many people who are ready to change their circumstances.

MyWealth provides a strategy to become wealthy, which I haven't found anywhere else. It is still the early days, but I am confident that things will start to kick in. Compound interest is not an overnight effect. Since joining MyWealth, I am more certain and confident that I will be able to leverage and create wealth.

My Wealth is a well-structured package of offerings with something to suit anyone looking.

Debbie Botha

Home Maker

Investing in a “safe and secure” platform

Before joining MyWealth, I felt kind of hopeless. I always need some extra money, but sales is not my strong point. I knew about investing, but had no idea where to start and what to do, and which ones were scams and which were not. Still, I wanted to learn how to create a better future for me and my family.

I trust in MyWealth's products. I have started investing in a platform, which is safe and secure, and I'm looking forward to doing some more investments in the future. Today I feel much better now that I know about all the platforms and that they're safe and secure.

Cobus Grundling


“Capital is holy"

I used to feel very negative before working with MyWealth, but I am feeling positive now, and although I have not invested, I have learned that capital is holy. Capital needs to be kept to generate additional income. I don't have extra income to invest in platforms as yet, but I am sure that I will greatly benefit from it once I have the finances to do so.

Fernando Ganhao

Sales Executives

“I had no knowledge and what I tried just didn't work”

Before I joined MyWealth, I had no knowledge and what I tried just didn't work for me. My primary reason for joining was to find out how to invest and have a good return. MyWealth educated me as to what I was doing wrong and how to fix it in a fast and effective way. They also showed me effective ways of growing my wealth. I have started learning how to work with my income effectively, and now I feel confident and have a direction to move in.

Johan Grundling

Project Manager: Construction

“I have access to great leadership and knowledge”

Before I joined MyWealth, I was not sure if financial freedom was even a possibility as I did not know how to invest and plan for these things. I have gained a lot of knowledge in the crypto world of trading, as well as different platforms and spiritual growth. I feel that plans have started falling into place, but I still have a way to go. I like the fact that I have access to great leadership and knowledge -- only a phone or Zoom call away. It's great knowing that I am part of a team that's willing to walk the walk with each of their members.

Liyabona Mbewu


“I can see a change in me”

I first joined MyWealth to make an income. Honestly, I was not trusting the business. Then my sister got her first payment. I feel so excited now. Even though I haven't submitted any cash receipts I can see a change in me because now I can communicate with people about the business.

Lize Coetzee

Self Employed

"MyWealth became my Kingdom Family"

Before I joined MyWealth, I felt lonely and lost in the rat race! I had a poverty mindset for 20 years, and I wanted an alternative way to learn more about finances. One example is that I learned to NOT use my funds to pay off debt, but to rather invest it and use the returns I made to become debt-free.

MyWealth's system has consistency and structure, as well as a personal professional 1-on-1 business relationship. I haven't found that anywhere else. Today I feel very excited and positive about my financial future! And I'm finally at a place where I can teach and help others as well.

My Wealth became my Kingdom Family and I will fight with them on this wonderful journey!

Du Toit Prinsloo

Project Manager

"Using all sectors for financial growth"

I joined MyWealth to accelerate my financial growth. I was not getting my capital to grow, and my financial future was not secured. MyWealth taught me how to use all sectors available for financial growth and I feel more financially secure now. You're a great company with amazing leadership!

Hermann van Zyl

Project Manager Construction and Civil

“I am looking forward to the future”

The feeling I experienced before joining MyWealth was only moving forward in one direction not realizing there is a wider spectrum and realistic opportunities. It is definitely an eye opener, realizing there is more security.

My experience with MyWealth has been very accommodating for the services they render. I'm definitely growing in investment awareness, because when the market drops rapidly you get notified.

I am looking forward to the future and what is going to offer for future investments.

Dudley September

Music Tutor

“I am much more confident now”

I joined MyWealth to gain more knowledge with regards to making my money work for me. Before I joined I felt a bit lost entering into this new world of investments. Today I am more mature in doing and planning financials, even using compound interest. I am much more confident now and I look differently at my future.

Miekie vd Walt

Registered Nurse

“I was without guidance”

I used to feel like I was without guidance. I needed training and had no money to do that. I wanted to help people make something with their small businesses so I joined MyWealth. Now I know how to do planning, how to follow the plan, and how to wait for good things to happen. MyWealth teaches how to plan your business with the Lord, and I haven't found that anywhere else.

Margot Roebert

Educator and Author

“Had a 360-degree mindshift”

I originally joined MyWealth for their teaching and training to prepare for grants, but my financial education evolved from there and brought gearshift revelations. I've learned the teaching that “capital is holy” and I've learned the true value of compounding. For years I did the same thing with my money, but thanks to MyWealth's teaching I have had a 360-degree mindshift and am excited to see my wealth grow.

MyWealth conducts themselves within Kingdom principles.

Thato Kolwane

Warehouse Controller

“I am a better person than I used to be”

I felt trapped in the system, and I believe it is due to lack of financial information. With the truth I was exposed to from MyWealth, I am a better person than I used to be. There is a big change in terms of the way I view things, especially with finances. I feel very confident about my financial future and I am looking forward to it. I have hope now.

It has been a journey indeed with MyWealth. May the Lord continue to bless the executive team and the founder. His vision of changing a thousand lives has indeed begun and has inspired me to change a million lives.

Hloniphile Dlamini

“I can retire early”

I used to be fine and basically happy with my job. I thought my life was great. Then I knew better once exposed to these guys. They showed me I can retire early and still enjoy the good things in life without being worried about retrenchment, job loss, non-renewal of contracts, etc.

The team provided 100% mentorship and made me feel up to speed with this highly technological world. I feel good, knowledgeable, and in tune with what's happening around.

I definitely think others should get involved with this group because it would expose them to the bigger world out there. They’ll get a better understanding of investments and crypto currencies, and their lives will change for the better in this world of blockchain.

You are a great team and keep up the good work. Thanks for holding my hand even now!

Pieter Fouché

Occupational Practitioner

“I was clueless and worried”

I joined MyWealth to earn passive income. At that time, I was clueless and worried about how to do investments. MyWealth has a strategy that takes someone with little cash and makes them wealthy. Because of their education and guidance, I am now confident of making a success of my financial future.

Nolubabalo Ntliziywana

“I saw an opportunity to be financial free”

When I heard about this group, I was sceptical to even go to their one-day presentation. I thought it was a scheme like many other. But I was convinced by their professionalism and the content of the presentation. Ultimately, I saw an opportunity to be financial free without working hard. I am working full time but really can’t meet the end of it. I am confident this will take me to financial sanity.

Mark Bailey


“I wanted to get debt free”

I wanted to get debt free, so I joined MyWealth. I was worried because of my financial situation. MyWealth changed my financial situation by giving me personal attention toward my goals and assisting in achieving them. They brought me new, secure investments, and new opportunities. Now I'm feeling much more positive. I am grateful for MyWealth.

Pieter Goosen

Construction Owner, Bible School Lecturing and Semi Retirement

“MyWealth gave me different safe options of investment”

I have tried several "schemes" to ensure a better financial future for my approaching retirement. I could, however, not find a "short term solution" to have enough finances for a comfortable retirement. My fate became even more evident as I discovered that the annuities that I took out in my earlier years preformed pathetically. MyWealth gave me different and safer options of investment and support in various platforms, however, with limited finances it is still quite a challenge.

Hennie Westerman


“Every year I was just getting nowhere with my finances”

I had no financial vision or plan to be financially free and no plan for my future. Every year I knew that I had to save money and prepare for the future for my kids, but at the end of that year I was still at the same place as the year before. It felt like every year I was just getting nowhere with my finances. It felt like saving money in the bank was not worth the return on investment that I got from the banks. Because if I measured my financial progress against the previous year I was simply still in the same place.

This group introduced me to true passive income-generating businesses that are generating passive income for me. They also introduced me to the crypto world, gave me training on finances, and changed my mindset for the better.

I’ve learned a lot on finances in the last year. This helps me to make better-educated decisions regarding my finances. I feel like there is hope of becoming financially free. I have broadened my view on the world of finances, and I don’t need to stick to my old traditional way of thinking.

Tersia Ray

Underwriter for a Group Insurer and Professional Network Marketer

“It depends on me”

I joined MyWealth to be financially independent. Before joining, I was not positive at all. Now I'm a lot more positive because I see it depends on me. Between the coaches and my upline, they carry you until you can walk and then run with your business. They are Christians working together, helping people and investing in them. But you have to decide to put your mind to it.

Jacques Mouton

Marketing & Sales

"More options for investments"

I wanted better knowledge about planning my finances, so I joined MyWealth. It opened up more options to consider for investments and grow funds. MyWealth provides proper training on various financial issues.

Pfariso Nekhwalivhe

“I wanted to try to create passive income”

Before I joined this group, I felt there was no possible way to create wealth and sustain it. I didn’t know there are structures that can help one to create and protect their wealth. Still, I wanted to try to create passive income, so I joined.

This group provided me with support and knowledge about passive income platforms and how to use them. I get personalised assistance. My coach is able to guide me more effectively by looking at my personal needs and what I want to achieve.

I think other people should join this group if they are serious about creating wealth and are willing to put in the effort. They can expect the best coaching on wealth creation and protection, and all the necessary tools to make them successful.

Thank you for responding to your invitation and checking us out. That’s an important first step.

Now take a second step that leads away from financial frustration and toward Financial Freedom.

Note: MyWealth Method is a By-Invitation-Only Private Club and is not open to the public.
If you have not received an Invite Code from a friend, family member, or business associate, please complete your Application Request here to learn if you qualify for membership.